Ask for quotation

Please contact me at the address to receive the quotation for your translation.

Being native Italian, please contact me in case you need a translation INTO ITALIAN from English, German, French, Spanish.

It’s true I can help with some short translations from Italian into English or Spanish, but it must be a special circumstance.

All the matters such as personal budget price, delivery time, payment method and full service characteristics will be agreeded in private.

Main expertise:

Technology – machinery, manufacturing plants, lifts/elevators, instruction manuals, safety standards, software.

Construction industry – coating and flooring materials and working/use instructions. Manuals for cutting and laying. Marketing manuals and advertisment.

Medicine – medical devices, hospital devices, ambulatory and home devices, tests and experiments, medical leaflets, dental treatments and devices.

Cosmetics – test, product description, leaflets and box descriptions, marketing and adverts, instructions for beauty therapies and treatments, catalogues and depliants for final customes, websites, spa and beauty center therapies

Tourism – cities and country guides, depliants, travel websites, museum guides

Art and photography, didactic publications concerning history, geography, architecture

Customer’s blog – weekly or monthly posts, according to customer’s needs

Maybe I forgot to mention something, always better to ask writing to!

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

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